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For some women this happens quickly, but eant others it can take longer. Out of every couples trying for a baby, 80 to 90 will get pregnant within 1 year. The rest will take longer, or may need help to conceive.

Once you're sterilised it's very difficult to reverse it, so consider all options before making your decision. Sterilisation is very difficult to reverse, so you need to be sure it's right for you. Sterilisation can be performed at any stage in your menstrual cycle.

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Removing the tubes salpingectomy If blocking the fallopian tubes has not worked, the tubes may be completely removed. For a while, you may feel that you can't control your emotions, but these symptoms should ease after the first 3 months of your pregnancy. Sterilisation does not protect against sexually transmitted infections STIsso you may need to use condoms. For some women this happens quickly, but for others it can take longer. If the egg is not fertilised, it passes out of the body during the woman's monthly period, along with the lining of the womb.

You may be more likely to be accepted for the operation if you're over 30 and have had children. Urethra: this is a tube that runs down the length of the penis from the bladder, through the prostate gland to an opening at the tip of the penis.

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This means a woman's eggs cannot meet sperm, so fertilisation cannot happen. If the sperm contains a Y chromosome, the baby will be a boy XY. Blocked tubes can re immediately or years later. The average cycle takes 28 days, but shorter or longer cycles are normal.

When it's warm, the scrotum hangs down, away from the body, to help keep the testes cool. Where can I get contraception?

I want a woman with the best

You may have some slight vaginal bleeding. Out of every couples trying for a baby, 80 wanr 90 will get pregnant within 1 year.

I want a woman with the best

It's difficult to know exactly when ovulation happens, unless you are practising natural family planningor fertility awareness. Occasionally, more than one egg is released, usually within 24 hours of the first egg.

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You do not have to think about protecting yourself against pregnancy every time you have sex, so it does not interrupt your sex life. You can have sex as soon as it's comfortable to do so after the operation. Use a sanitary towel, rather than a tampon, until this has stopped.

I want a woman with the best

The menstrual cycle is counted from the first day of a woman's period day 1. Vas deferens: these are two tubes that carry sperm from the testes to the prostate and other glands. For pregnancy to happen, the egg must be fertilised by a sperm within this time.

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They'll then insert a long, thin instrument that has a light and camera a laparoscope to clearly see your fallopian tubes. A fertilised egg contains 1 sex chromosome from its mother and 1 from its father.

I want a woman with the best

The fallopian tubes are blocked or sealed to prevent the eggs reaching the sperm and becoming fertilised. Pregnancy nest Hormones are chemicals that circulate in the blood of both men and women. This is called a salpingectomy.

Is sterilisation right for me? You'll need to use contraception up until you have the operation, and until your next period or for 3 months after the operation depending on the type of sterilisation. If the GP agrees with your decision, they'll refer you to a female reproductive specialist gynaecologist for treatment at your nearest NHS hospital.

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Counselling will give you a chance to talk about the operation in detail and discuss any doubts, worries or questions you might have. You may also feel some pain, like period pain.

Cervix: this is the neck of the womb. If possible, you should both agree to the procedure, but it's not a legal requirement to get your partner's permission.

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If you have a partner, discuss it with them before you decide. Sperm can live for up to 7 days inside a woman's body. Eggs are released from the ovaries into the fallopian tubes each month, and this is where fertilisation takes place.

I want a woman with the best

Depending on the method used, you would either have a general anaestheticwhere you're asleep during surgery, or local anaestheticwhere you'd be awake but not feel any pain. There's a small risk that the operation will not work.

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To understand conception and pregnancy, it helps to know about the male and female sexual organs, and to wih how a woman's monthly menstrual cycle and periods work. The lining of the womb is now thick enough for the egg to be implanted in it after it has been fertilised.

I want a woman with the best

So if you've had sex in the days before ovulation, the sperm will have had time to travel up the fallopian tubes to "wait" for the egg to be released.

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